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DL382 S-tronic (0CK / 0CL / 0CJ)

The DL382 is a completely redesigned 7-speed dual clutch gearbox compared to its predecessor (DL501). There are several variants of the DL382 transmission available on the market since 2015.

DL382 S-tronic information

  • 7-speed
  • Wet clutch
  • Longitudinal config
  • Stock rated up to 400 - 500Nm
  • E.G. Audi A4, A5, A6 and Q5

The DL382 S-tronic is a completely new developed dual clutch transmission by Audi AG. This gearbox was introduced in two variants during the launch of the Audi A6 ultra (type 4G) in 2015: a front wheel drive (0CK) and a quattro (0CL) variant. Subsequently, the 0CK transmission was further developed into a new variant (0CJ) which uses shift by wire technology and was launched in the Audi Q5 (type FY). These variants are designed and suitable for an engine torque up to 400Nm.

The latest and strongest variant of the DL382 transmission is the DL382+ (0HL). Various modifications and improvements have been implemented by Audi in order to raise the torque capacity from 400Nm to 500Nm. The DL382+ is designed for longitudinally placed engines with an engine torque up to 500Nm like the latest generations Audi A6 and A7 (type 4K).

DL382 issues

Most common problems

  • Gear shifts at too low rpm
  • Agressive / unsmooth take-off
  • Bump during braking just before standstill
  • Clutch vibrations and slip
  • Gearbox error message on dashboard
  • Vehicle doesn't move at all
  • Improved Drivability

    Unique shifting strategies matching the engine for ultra smooth up- and downshifting

  • Life extender options

    Sustainable software solutions for extended gearbox lifetime

  • Performance options

    Various necessary software modifications for fastest performance during acceleration and up- and downshifting while keeping drivability smooth. Perfectly matching shifting strategies for any engine and gearbox combination.

  • Launch Control

    Launch control activation and/or enhancement included user definable launch settings

  • Additional options

    Other optional features available for certain models

DL382 options Drivability Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2+ Stage 3 Stage 4
Optimized D Shift Program
Optimized S Shift Program
Optimized M Shift Program
Optimized Cruise Control Program
DL382 options Drivability Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2+ Stage 3 Stage 4
1st Gear de- or reactivation (optional)
Improved clutch cooling
Improved thermomanagment
DL382 options Drivability Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2+ Stage 3 Stage 4
Maximum gearbox torque [Nm] Stock 450 500 500 600 750
Increased maximum clutch pressure [bar] - 21-22 21-22 22+ 22+
Necessary torque limiters raised
Improved up- and downshifting speed (D+S+M mode)
Improved shifting paddles response
Improved take off (D+S+M mode)
Improved torque reduction during shifting (D+S+M mode)
Customized upshift RPM setpoints up to 8000 rpm
Customized downshift RPM setpoints
Automatic upshift deactivation (optional)
Automatic downshift deactivation (optional)
Kick-down deactivation (optional)
Race mode without torque reduction (optional)
Special race clutch characteristics calibration
Special anti judder take-off functionality
DL382 options Drivability Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2+ Stage 3 Stage 4
Improved LC response time for quicker launches
Multi-step LC RPM limits
Different LC modes for D/S/M mode
LC with ESP ON activation
Boost on Launch mode (included "rally sound")
DL382 options Drivability Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2+ Stage 3 Stage 4
Gear Display Indicator (MFA) activation
Reduced engine braking
Coasting disabling
DL382 repair pricing WARRANTY EXC. 21% TAX INC. 21% TAX
During an in-depth diagnosis we analyse the overall condition of the DSG transmission and drivetrain. One of our technicians analyses your vehicle during a test drive using the latest diagnostic equipment. After this you will receive an overview of the condition of your vehicle and a cause for the problem your vehicle is experiencing. Based on the diagnosis results you will receive an overview of the costs for repair and/or software optimizations needed.
In-depth diagnosis
€ 123.14 € 149.00
Changing the DSG oil is necessary for all “wet clutch” VAG DSG models every 60.000 kilometers according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
DSG oil change + new filter
on request on request
New OEM clutches installed according to manufacturer instructions using special tools
Clutch replacement
Starting from € 1,652.07 Starting from € 1,999.00
New mechatronic installed according to manufacturer instructions using special tools
Mechatronic replacement NEW
Starting from € 2,478.51 Starting from € 2,999.00
DL382 Software pricing Max. Torque Drive abi.. Life ext.. Exc. TAX21% TAX
Drivability upgradeStock€ 412.40€ 499.00
Stage I410 Nm--€ 412.40€ 499.00
Stage II500 Nm --€ 495.04€ 599.00
Stage II+500 Nm€ 660.33€ 799.00
Stage III600 Nm€ 1,032.23€ 1,249.00