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Since we are a pioneer and specialist in the field of DSG transmissions, TVS / DSG Dokter receives a lot of questions every day. In order to help everyone as good and quickly as possible with answering questions, complaints and ordering products we keep optimizing our online support and prepared a detailed FAQ. First try to find the answer to your question here. If you can't find your answer please fill in our contact form page.

Which type of DSG transmission is my car equipped with?

We display your DSG model after filling in your car make, model and engine configuration into the vehicle selector on our website. For more detailed information we recommend you to visit the DSG transmission page.

I am having problems with my DSG transmission. Is TVS / DSG Dokter able to solve this?

This is a question we receive several times a day. With over 15 years of experience in engine and gearbox diagnostics, repairs, overhaul and maintenance the TVS / DSG-Doctor team is capable of correctly analyzing any issue and solving it the right way! However, due to the complex technology of the DSG transmission this cannot be answered remotely. We really do need the vehicle to perform an in-depth diagnosis and determine the problem. After this we offer a free advice and quotation to let us solve the (DSG) problems you experience. This can range from a software optimization to an overhaul / repair of individual parts up to the replacement of the entire DSG transmission. Fill in the appointment for scheduling an appointment.

What performance gains are achieved with TVS custom ECU software?

Use the vehicle selector to have a look at the performance gains and possibilities TVS offers for your vehicle. The final result depends on the conditions of the vehicle, engine type, hardware modifications and TVS software Stage. For Stage III and IV applications several different hardware choices (e.g. upgrade turbo) are required. Performance numbers only give here an estimation. For more information please contact us with your setup or have a look at the project cars we did before!

What (replacement) part do I need to order for my vehicle?

Due the variety and complexity of our products we currently only offer "request a quote" solutions. This way, TVS ensures you always receive the right product for your application for the lowest price! However, we always recommend customers to visit our workshop or an authorized TVS dealer for correct installation.

How do I become authorized TVS dealer?

TVS Engineering receives monthly over 50 dealer requests. For this reason we only expand our global dealer network with professional and highly regarded companies who have what it takes to become authorized TVS dealer. Here you can read more about requirements for becoming TVS dealer and opportunities to apply as authorized dealer. If we are interested, we will as soon as possible contact you.

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