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Engine hardware upgrades

TVS Engineering is specialized in custom tuning for high performance applications. Besides software upgrades, TVS offers upgraded engine hardware solutions like supercharger kits, turbo upgrades and fully custom projects..

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Available soon

TVS500 Turbo kit

In addition to offering custom mapping for the available upgrade (hybrid) turbochargers, TVS Engineering also offers now a complete 500bhp turbo kit for all VAG 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen3 vehicles.

Based on years of custom tuning experience and after successfully tuning hundreds of different setups and (hybrid) turbochargers for these engines, TVS now releases a perfectly balanced Plug & Play upgrade turbocharger kit. This kit includes all the required hardware, ECU software and optionally TCU software for DSG equipped vehicles. No more poor matching expensive parts, just a carefully balanced complete kit!

The TVS500 turbo kit easily achieves 500bhp with an impressive early turbo spool and premium reliability. TVS550 and even more powerful kits will be available soon as well!

For VAG R32 & R36 Engines

TVS Supercharger kit

TVS supercharger kits for VAG 3.2L VR6 (241hp/250hp) and 3.6L VR6 (260hp/280hp/300hp) engines.

Engineered by TVS

Fully complete kit

The easiest and most durable solution to increase the Performance of your naturally aspirated R32/R36 engine!

  • Increased performance
  • Maximum durability
  • Excellent drivability
  • Easy bolt-on solution
  • All necessary parts included
  • ECU software included
  • Different stages available
  • Easy and cost efficient solution

Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger

TVS Custom CNC aluminium crank pulley

TVS Custom CNC stainless steel supercharger bracket

Drive belt

TVS Custom stainless steel intake and boost pipes

High flow air intake filter

Oil cooler

Oil reservoir

Rotrex oil

Upgrade intercooler

Silicone hoses and connectors

Upgrade Spark plugs

Upgrade fuel injectors

Fuel injector wiring adapters

Bolts, nuts, washers and hose clamps

Custom thermostat

Heat shield insulation

For VAG R32 & R36 vehicles

TVS Supercharger kit


In addition to offering custom software for upgrade superchargers, TVS Engineering also offers complete developed supercharger kits for R32 & R36 vehicles.

Based on years of custom tuning these models, which has given us an enormous amount of experience and know-how, TVS now offers a perfect balanced Plug & Play supercharger kit. This kit includes all supporting hardware, ECU software and optionally TCU software for DSG equipped vehicles.

The supercharger kit is based on a Rotrex compressor, which are the most innovative centrifugal compressors available on the market. Different Stages are available for increasing the performance of your R32 / R36 application up to 400hp / 450hp!

Plug & Play kits are available for the models below (pricing excl. installation).

Audi A3 3.2L Mk I + II Audi TT 3.2L Mk I + II
VW Golf Mk IV + V R32 VW Passat 3.2L FSI
VW Passat R36 Skoda Superb 3.6L FSI
  • Info
  • Pricing
TypeStage ||Stage |||
350hp / 420Nm400hp / 450Nm
400hp / 450Nm450hp / 470Nm
TypeStage ||Stage |||
€ 7.250,-€ 8.450,-
€ 7.750,-€ 9.990,-
For every VAG application

Upgrade Turbo solutions


TVS Engineering is specialized in offering custom made solutions for upgrade turbocharger applications. Through over 15 years of custom tuning experience, TVS is nowadays capable of offering custom engine mapping for every VAG application with upgrade turbocharger. In addition, we can advise on your turbo setup and offer supporting hardware parts. Also the installation and custom turbo builds belongs to our services and specialism.

For more information and questions about your turbo build or application, please contact us.

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Turbo solution 1
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Turbo solution 3
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