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Common OBD faultcodes

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There are several very common DSG malfunctions across all VAG vehicles. An overview of the related fault codes divided into generic OBDII and VAG specific codes below..

OBD faultcodes photo
OBDII Code VAG code Description
P056216946System Voltage too low
P070117085Mechatronic Module defective
P072B21159Gear R not selectable
P072C21153Gear 1 not selectable
P072D21154Gear 2 not selectable
P072E21155Gear 3 not selectable
P072F21156Gear 4 not selectable
P073A21157Gear 5 not selectable
P073B21158Gear 6 not selectable
P073C21159Gear 7 not selectable
P074617130Pressure Control Solenoid 1 open / short to ground
P084110784Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch 1
P085017234Park/Neutral Switch Input Circuit
P086817252Transmission Fluid Pressure Adaptation at Limit
P160418012Internal Control Module
P162418032MIL Request Signal Active (Check TCM for errors too!)
P170118109Transmission Control Unit locked
P170718115Interference in Mechatronic Module
P174C10742Valve 1 in Transmission Part 2 malfunction
P175D10693Clutch 1 Opens Unintentionally
P175E10694Clutch 1 Closes Unintentionally
P176A10725Gear Selector 1 Cannot be Regulated
P176B10726Gear Selector 2 Cannot be Regulated
P176C10727Gear Selector 3 Cannot be Regulated
P176D10728Gear Selector 4 Cannot be Regulated
P176E10694Clutch 2 Opens Unintentionally
P176F10696Clutch 2 Closes Unintentionally
P177510047Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 1 (G193) P limit reached
P177B10806Clutch 1 tolerance limit reached
P177C10778Clutch 2 tolerance limit reached
P179E17597Selector Lever Sensor malfunction
P17BF6079Hydraulic Pump play protection
P17D410902Valve 3 in Transmission Part 1 malfunction
P17D58960Valve 3 in Transmission Part 2 malfuction
P17D618443Clutch 1 pressure too high
P17D718444Clutch 2 pressure too high
P17D88040Torque Restriction due to Clutch Temperature
P17E017593Sensor for Gear Actuator 1 malfunction
P181418222Pressure Control Valve 1 (N215) open / short to ground
P181518222Pressure Control Valve 2 (N215) short to +
P181818227Pressure Control Valve 1 (N216) open / short to ground
P181918228Pressure Control Valve 2 (N217) short to +
P189510812Functional Restriction due to Pressure Drop
P189818306Clutch 1 function restriction
P189918307Clutch 2 function restriction
P189A10817Clutch 1 clearance too small
P189B10818Clutch 2 clearance too small
P189C10878Function Restriction due to Insufficient Pressure Build-Up
P271119143Unexpected / Implausible Mechanical Gear Disengagement
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