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Find dealer Order NowTVS Flash is only available in countries and areas where no TVS dealer is located

TVS Flash gives end customers the freedom to reprogram the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) or Engine Control Unit (ECU) from home. In particular for customers not living near to an authorized dealer this is a suitable solution to provide your vehicle with custom TVS software!

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Transform your vehicles performance from home

Options and features

The TVS Flash interface is designed in such a way to make programming as easy as possible without losing the experience and quality TVS Engineering delivers every day to their visitors. For TVS Flash always tested and proven tunes based on vehicle and hardware setup will be used whereby customer preferences will be taken into account.     

  • Bring 15+ years of experience to your home
  • Worldwide tested and proven tunes
  • Simple installation and programming
  • Simple back to factory programming
  • Switching between TVS Tunes possible
  • Linked to your vehicle
Flasher OBD

Are you ready to start tuning?

Get to know our application interface and discover how easy tuning can be, we've taken care of the hard part.

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Discover the TVS flash interface
  • Date: 22nd June 2024