TVS TCU DQ381 Upgrade available for all models!

For the DQ381 7-speed gearbox TVS Engineering covers now every model and software version, even the latest 2018 models! These gearboxes are installed in the VW Golf 7.5 GTI / R and facelift Audi S3!

TVS offers a wide range of software solutions for the DQ381 transmission. From drivability upgrades for stock vehicles to Stage 3 tunes supporting up to 650-700 Nm of engine torque. No hardware modifications are needed, only our unique developped DSG software. Some new special features which are optional included are listed below:

  • Customized D, S and M mode shifting strategies up to 8000 rpm
  • Multi-step launch control
  • Boost on Launch mode (included “Rally sound”)
  • Race mode without torque reduction
  • Increased clutch oil pressure up to physically maximum (18-19 bar!)

Visit the gearbox software page more information and a detailed explanation of these optional features.

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TVS Chiptuning for latest 1.5 TSI models now available!

From now it is possible to reprogram the latest 1.5 TSI engines with Bosch MG1CS011 ECU and Infineon TC298 proccessor!

TVS now open on Saturday!

From now on TVS Engineering / DSG Dokter is also open on Saturday by appointment!

TVS ECU Software for 2.9 TFSI MG1 models released!

TVS Engineering is excited to announce our custom software upgrades for 2.9 TFSI EA839 engines with Bosch MG1 ECU for the Audi RS4 / RS5 (B9)!