TVS Flash now available!

TVS Flash is a solution for customers not living near to an authorized TVS dealer. Our personal flasher gives end customers the freedom to reflash their Tranmission Control Unit (TCU) or Engine Control Unit (ECU) from home. The TVS Flash interface is designed in such a way to make programming as easy as possible without losing the experience and quality TVS and their authorized dealers deliver every day. For TVS Flash always tested and proven tunes based on vehicle and hardware setup will be used whereby customer preferences will be taken into account.

Important note: Only tunes up to Stage 2+ are available! Please visit the TVS Flash page for more information regarding to supported TCU and ECU models.

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TVS Chiptuning for latest 1.5 TSI models now available!

From now it is possible to reprogram the latest 1.5 TSI engines with Bosch MG1CS011 ECU and Infineon TC298 proccessor!

TVS now open on Saturday!

From now on TVS Engineering / DSG Dokter is also open on Saturday by appointment!

TVS ECU Software for 2.9 TFSI MG1 models released!

TVS Engineering is excited to announce our custom software upgrades for 2.9 TFSI EA839 engines with Bosch MG1 ECU for the Audi RS4 / RS5 (B9)!