TVS MG1 / MD1 ECU software now available!

TVS MG1 / MD1 ECU software now available!

From now on it possible to reprogram the new Bosch MG1 and MD1 ECU’s! These can be found in the latest 1.5, 2.0, 2.9 & 3.0 TSI & TDI VAG vehicles.

Shortly after this release a lot of tuning companies directly started offering tunes for these models. While the factory software was already available in some cases, proper testing, analyzing and developing software takes more time! Therefore we strongly recommend not to rush now to get a tune!

Directly after the release we at TVS started our development program with new development cars. Our development program includes hours of dyno testing, street measurements and analyzing data. As always, our goal is to achieve the perfect balance between maximum performance, drivability and durability!

VAG engines for which TVS custom ECU software is available soon:

Engine Power output Engine version
1.5 TFSI 130hp EA211 EVO
1.5 TFSI 150hp EA211 EVO
2.0 TFSI 180hp EA888 Gen3b
2.0 TFSI 190hp EA888 Gen3b
2.0 TFSI 200hp EA888 Gen3b
2.9 TFSI 450hp EA839
3.0 TFSI 354hp EA839
3.0 TDI 231hp (45 TDI) EA897 EVO2
3.0 TDI 286hp (50 TDI) EA897 EVO2


We will keep our news feed up to date with the release of custom TVS software for the new Bosch MG1 / MD1 models.

UPDATE September 2019:

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