TVS ECU Software for 2.0 TSI MG1 models released!

After weeks of extensive research and testing on our VW Arteon 2.0 TSI 190hp (2018) development vehicle we are happy to release custom engine software upgrades for the 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen3b engines with Bosch MG1 engine control unit (ECU)!

Our development program did included hours of dyno testing, street measurements and analyzing data. With these enourmes amount of data we created final calibrations that are fine tuned for several fuel qualities and octane rates. As always, our goal is to achieve the perfect balance between maximum performance, drivability and durability!

Significant performance gains up to 260 – 285 hp and 445 – 455 Nm are achieved depending on fuel quality and octane rating while maintining safety functions to protect your engine in extreme conditions and scenarios!

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TVS now open on Saturday!

From now on TVS Engineering / DSG Dokter is also open on Saturday by appointment!