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DQ400 DSG (0DD)

The DQ400 (0DD) transmission is specifically designed for the requirements of hybrid vehicles like the VW Golf GTE and Audi A3 E-tron. On the other hand, the VW Jetta Hybrid introduced in 2013 is still equipped with a DQ200 variant (0CG).

DQ400 DSG information

  • 6-speed
  • Wet clutch
  • Stock rated up to +/- 400 Nm
  • E.G. Golf GTE and Audi A3 E-tron

The DQ400 (0DD) transmission is developed by Volkswagen AG specifically for the requirements of hybrid vehicles and introduced with the release of the Golf GTE in 2014. The gearbox switches between the two power units using a third so called disengagement clutch. This clutch connects or separates the electric motor and combustion engine to switch between different operating modes. It has been designed for hybrid vehicles with an engine torque up to 400 Nm like the Golf GTE and Audi A3 E-tron.

DQ400 issues

Most common problems

  • Gear shifts at too low rpm
  • Gear shifts at too high rpm in Sport mode
  • Agressive / unsmooth take-off
  • Clutch vibrations and slip
  • Rattling noises
DQ400 repair pricing WARRANTY EXC. 21% TAX INC. 21% TAX
During an in-depth diagnosis we analyse the overall condition of the DSG transmission and drivetrain. One of our technicians analyses your vehicle during a test drive using the latest diagnostic equipment. After this you will receive an overview of the condition of your vehicle and a cause for the problem your vehicle is experiencing. Based on the diagnosis results you will receive an overview of the costs for repair and/or software optimizations needed.
In-depth diagnosis
€ 123.14 € 149.00
Changing the DSG oil is necessary for all “wet clutch” VAG DSG models every 60.000 kilometers according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
DSG oil change + new filter
€ 288.43 € 349.00
New mechatronic installed according to manufacturer instructions using special tools
Mechatronic replacement NEW
Starting from € 2,809.09 Starting from € 3,399.00
Replace flywheel
Replace flywheel
12 months Starting from € 1,569.42 Starting from € 1,899.00
DQ400 Software pricing Max. Torque Drive abi.. Life ext.. Exc. TAX21% TAX
Drivability upgradeStock€ 412.40€ 499.00
Stage I410 Nm--€ 412.40€ 499.00
Stage II500 Nm--€ 495.04€ 599.00
Stage II+500 Nm€ 660.33€ 799.00
Stage III580 Nm€ 1,032.23€ 1,249.00