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TVS Personal Flasher

Install TVS ECU or TCU tunes from home using the TVS Personal Flasher solution

1 - Add the VIN

Add your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to your quote request to ensure you order the right product for your vehicle.


3 - TVS quote validation

Within 24 hours (Mo-Fr) TVS will validate your request to ensure your selected products are on stock and match your application.


5 - Payment

If you are satisfied with the received quotation you can proceed with payment. TVS will ship the products a.s.a.p. after receiving the payment!


2 - Send quote request

Select browse list, check the selected products and VIN, fill out your details and send your request.


4 - Receive our quote

Within 48 hours (Mo-Fr) you will receive a requested quotation based on your request or TVS recommendations.

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Connecting is as easy as installing the TVS Flash application and connecting the Personal Flasher to your laptop and vehicle’s OBDII port.

The TVS Flash package includes:

  • TVS Personal Flasher OBDII dongle
  • USB to OBDII cable
  • TVS Flash interface
  • TVS Flash Manual

Please note that no TVS tune is included in the package or stored on the Personal Flasher. The purchased tune needs to be requested from TVS as described in the instruction manual. For more information visit the TVS Flash page.

Important note: TVS Flash is only available in countries and areas where no TVS dealer is located.


Product details
  • Category TVS Flash
  • Type Performance upgrade
  • Condition New