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Queue system

In the past, we relied on a traditional appointment system. Back then, you would bring your car in for a diagnosis and return weeks later for the actual repair.

Additionally, like many other garages, we struggled with staffing the service desk.

To address these two issues, we implemented an innovative system where the repair follows the diagnosis immediately, eliminating the weeks-long wait between diagnosis and repair.

However, a drawback of this approach is the difficulty in accurately predicting the repair time since it depends on the diagnosis results. Sometimes the repair takes 2 hours, sometimes 2 days, depending on the diagnosis. This made a regular appointment scheduling system inadequate. As a solution, we adopted an AI-driven queue system and gradually moved away from the traditional appointment approach.

Here’s how it works:

We no longer use an appointment system; instead, we employ a fair queue system. With the help of my artificial intelligence, I can predict fairly accurately when it will be your turn. I will keep you informed daily and notify you in a timely manner when you move up in the queue.

When you’re about to be next, I will ask you to bring your car in (unless you’ve opted for our pickup/delivery or transportation service). We don’t give anyone priority; we work through the queue as fairly as possible. Once your car is brought to us, and you (or the driver) hand over the keys, you’ll receive a notification.

When we start the diagnosis, you’ll receive a WhatsApp message. Once the diagnosis results are available, we usually call you (so please ensure you’re reachable when your car’s status is ‘under diagnosis’). We will inform you about the cause of the problem, discuss prices, and then send a WhatsApp message with the quote. After your approval of the quote, we proceed with the repairs as quickly as possible. You’ll receive a WhatsApp message when we begin repairing your car.

After the repair, we program and adjust the car. Typically, a test drive of 20-100 km is required. We need your permission for this test drive. The test drive is free; we only charge for fuel costs. It’s challenging for us if the car has no fuel. Please make sure the tank is at least half full.

During the test drive, you’ll receive a notification. The test drive usually takes about 1 day or a weekend. Then comes the final step: the final inspection. More than 90% of the repaired cars don’t return for warranty or because the problem wasn’t resolved. To maintain this success rate of more than 90%, our test master conducts a final inspection. You’ll receive updates on the status of this. If the car is not in good condition, we’ll contact you or perform repairs and retest the car.

The waiting time largely depends on how quickly we can repair other vehicles, but at this moment, we expect a wait time of approximately 2 to 3 weeks.