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Do you not know which type of DSG you have?

Please enter your details here. In the left menu, you will see whether you have a DQ200/250/500, etc.

Do you have a 7-speed DSG with a dry clutch (DQ200)?:

An oil change is not necessary for this type of DSG, but our unique DSG software is essential; otherwise, you may experience irreversible damage in the future. Hundreds of thousands of DQ200s worldwide encounter issues such as vibration and burnt clutches. Since 2011, TVS has addressed this problem with special software.

Do you have a 6 or 7-speed DSG with a wet clutch?:

There is a misconception that an oil change resolves shifting or performance issues. Only in rare cases, when the oil has not been replaced for, say, 200,000 km, can an oil change solve problems.

DSG flushing or rinsing:

The question of whether DSG flushing is necessary is often asked. For the DSG, an oil change and filter replacement are sufficient, in line with VAG specifications. We even advise against flushing your DSG. There have been cases where people experienced problems with their DSG after flushing, often due to using the wrong type of oil (ATF oil).

If you are experiencing issues with your DSG, we recommend a thorough diagnosis instead of an oil change. Analyzing the old oil can help pinpoint the source of the problem.