DSG Dokter.

Since 2005 is DSG Dokter pioneer in DSG and Engine diagnostics, repairs and parts supply. With a stock of 1.000 DSG gearboxes, an annual repair of around 2.000 DSG's and covering all related services and products in-house, DSG Dokter is world's only true DSG specialist!

Met meer dan 15 jaar ervaring op het gebied van DSG diagnose, reparaties en software is ons team van specialisten in staat alle DSG (of DSG gerelateerde) problemen vakkundig op te lossen. Hierdoor weten niet alleen klanten uit Nederland ons te vinden, maar ontvangen we ook veel klanten uit Duitsland, de Benelux en rest van Europa in Varsseveld. Daarnaast kunnen we klanten wereldwijd voorzien van onze DSG producten en diensten via ons dealer netwerk.

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DSG diagnosis

During an in-depth DSG diagnosis, we investigate your entire DSG gearbox. Our diagnostic specialists perform a extensive test drive, collect and analyze data to map the condition of your DSG gearbox.

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DSG repair

With over 2,000 DSG repairs per year, we know better than anyone which DSG defects occur. Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive stock of DSG parts, we can get you back on track quickly and safely

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Custom DSG software

As pioneer in DSG software, we offer the best DSG software for every application. Whether it concerns driveability upgrades or DSG tuning, at TVS Engineering you are at the right place for DSG software adjustments!

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DSG Parts

If you are looking for a DSG gearbox or other (DSG) parts, you have come to the right place at TVS engineering. With over 1000 gearboxes, mechatronics and clutches in stock, we can help you almost immediately.

Hands on DSG experience Year
Diagnostics p/year 3000+
Repairs p/year 2000+
Tunes p/year 2000+

DSG Dokter

Service overview
Select your vehicle Customized solutions

DSG diagnosis

An in-depth DSG diagnosis gives you insight into the entire condition of your DSG gearbox

DSG oil change

Changing the DSG oil is essential for maintaining your DSG gearbox

DSG clutch replacement

Replacing a DSG clutch at TVS guarantees the best quality for a competitive price.

DSG mechatronic replacement

TVS provides a suitable solution with used, new and refurbished mechatronics in stock.

DSG gearbox replacement

With over 1000 DSG gearboxes in stock, we can help you immediately.

DSG tuning

TVS is pioneer in DSG tuning and unique drivability upgrades


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