Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI L&K (2018)

272pk to 521pk
350Nm to 626Nm

Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI Venom 550 (2018)

Custom TVS mapping always focuses on the overall driving experience resulting in maximzed performance, drivability and durability! Specifically for this unique family car which is using stock engine internals the most important factor was lifespand and drivability over maximum performace.

ORG/OEM: 272Hp & 350Nm

Modifications performed by TVS Engineering:

  • TVS Stage 3 Custom ECU software: 521Hp & 626Nm (SPORT)
  • TVS Stage 3 Custom ECU software: 471Hp & 554Nm (DRIVE)
  • TVS Stage 3 Custom DQ381 software
  • Multi-map switching (D / S)



  • VENOM 550

Exhaust system:

  • OPF / GPF delete
  • Milltek Sport downpipe with 200 cell catalyst
  • Custom 3 inch catback with resonators
  • Stock end mufllers (restricted)
Intake system:
  • RacingLine Performance Cold air intake
  • RacingLine Performance Intake hose
  • RacingLine Performance Turbo elbow
  • REVO Muffler delete
  • Upgrade intercooler

Fuel system:

  • Shell V Power Racing 100 (BG)
  • VIS Motorsport HPFP
  • RS3 Ignition coils
  • RS7 Spark plugs


Start your own project from home!

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  • Easy to use interface
  • Cables included
  • Supporting all VAG DSG gearboxes
  • Linked to vehicle
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