TVS premium products

Engine & gearbox repair

With over 15 years of experience in engine and gearbox diagnostics, repairs, overhaul and maintenance the TVS / DSG Dokter team is capable of correctly analyzing any issue and solving it the right way!

Software upgrades

Maximize performance, drivability and durability with TVS custom software solutions. Developing both Engine and Gearbox software in-house gives us the ability to perfectly match your Engine to the Gearbox and vice versa!

Hardware upgrades

Since 2005 TVS Engineering is the pioneer in developing DSG and engine hardware upgrades. Nowadays TVS offers upgrade turbocharger solutions and unique DSG racing clutches and gearbox conversions for all VAG DSG gearboxes.

Premium replacement parts

TVS / DSG Dokter has an enormous stock of gearboxes, mechatronics, clutches, flywheels and other DSG related components to be able to perform over 2.000 in-house repairs annually and supply the TVS authorized dealer network with premium parts at competitive prices.

Hands on DSG experience Years

Dealers world wide


Diagnostics a year


Repairs a year


Tunes a year

EA888.4 MQB EVO TECH POST – Intakes Part II

TVS decided to expand their research to generate a more complete overview of all available intake solutions for the 2.0TSI EA888.4 EVO platform.

EA888.4 MQB EVO TECH POST - Intakes

For those interested in the development and in-depth tech involved in our products and solutions we recommend our new series of tech posts for the EA888.4 MQB EVO platform.